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In 1976, Volvo Cars built a little-known electric prototype called the Elbil.  

Volvo began experimenting with compact electric powertrains in the 1970s, and by the middle of the decade, they developed two working prototypes - a two-seater transport version intended for mail delivery and a four-seater city car.  At less than 90 inches long, the Elbil was almost 16 inches shorter than a modern Smart Car, and as you can tell from the photographs, little attention was given to its exterior styling. This was more of a proof of concept than anything else.

Engineers named the car Elbil, which simply means "electric car" in Swedish. The body is tall and narrow, with two-doors and a short, golf cart-like front end. It rolled on wheels that appear smaller than a Mini of the period, and it was largely assembled using purpose-built components, though some components, such as the door handles, were shared with other Volvo models.

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The driver’s environment was basic even by 1970’s standards, with little more than a 3-spoke steering wheel, two voltmeters, a speedometer, a handful of switches and a master kill switch, located on a center stack. In classic Volvo spirit, though, the Elbil was outfitted with three-point safety belts for all passengers and front headrests.

A 660-pound lead-acid battery pack (a third of its total weight) powered Elbil for two hours after a receiving a ten-hour charge. As a power source, two electric motors were used on the rear axle with an output of 9.5 kW. The prototype could reach 43 mph, but Volvo recommended cruising at 30 mph. 

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Although it was never built as a production car, Elbil’s spirit lives on in the XC40 Recharge, the company's first mass-produced electric car, which was released globally in late 2020, and is now available at Portland Volvo Cars, in Scarborough.

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