Winter Tires

Winter Tires

General Tire  Altimax Arctic

The Altimax Arctic from General Tires is a high performance winter tire engineered for even the worst winter conditions. The unique Quad-Tech groove design in its treads provides both excellent handling in harsh conditions and fuel-efficiency. A mixture of rubber and silicon also keeps the tire flexible and responsive in the coldest temperatures for a safe and comfortable ride. General Tires Altimax Arctic tires battle the weather so travelers stay warm, dry, and worry-free.


  • Multi-angle sipe system
  • The directional tread pattern
  • Reactive Contour Technology (RCT)
  • All-weather dual tread compound


  • 270 degrees of sipes with biting edges that enhance traction in high-angled turns and straight-ahead driving
  • Amplifies water evacuation while the solid center rib provides straight-line stability
  • Contour reacts to different road conditions to maintain enhanced contact with road surface 
  • A mixture of natural rubber and silica rubber compound maintains cold-weather flexibility and provides excellent wet traction.




This year we are also offering a select variety of Michelin, Pirelli, Nokian, Continental and Bridgestone tires for specific fitments. If you're unsure which winter tire fits your car, please call (207) 274-6750 to speak with an expert advisor. To schedule an appointment now, click here.

Looking for a complete wheel and tire package instead? Click on the button below to download the latest fitment guide, including part numbers:

5 Winter Tire Myths
  Sometimes called snow tires, winter tires feature technology that other tires don't.

Thermometer Winter Tires are only for snow
Anyone who lives where the weather gets a little cooler can benefit from winter tires. In colder temperatures, all-season tires stiffen, reducing grip. The rubber compounds and other components that make up winter tires keep them flexible in temperatures below 45o F (7o C). Tire flexibility allows for better vehicle handling and stopping.

Stop Brakes alone stop my vehicle
Tires greatly effect your vehicle's stopping distance. Especially when roads are slick, tires without specifically designed winter tread patterns can simply slide when the brakes are applied. Winter tires have deep grooves and small slits called sipes that cut through snow and ice, keeping more of your tire in contact with the road.

Snow Tire My all-season tires work fine in the weather
All-season tires are great for mild weather changes, but anyone who experiences the harshness of Maine winters can get better performance with winter tires. In addition to having flexible compounds and specialized tread designs, winter tires help make your all-season tire last longer: While the winter ones are on, the all-season ones aren't wearing down.

Money Winter tires are more expensive
The cost of winter tires is usually comparable to any other kind of tires. Plus, switching between winter tires and all-season or summer tires makes both sets last longer than they normally would.
All Terrain I have four-wheel drive
Ever see SUVs on the side of the road when the weather's bad? They probably don't have winter tires. In the winter, four-wheel drive can help you get going but won't help when you're trying to stop. Four-wheel drive helps you control the tires, but that doesn't mean much if the tires themselves aren't flexible enough or don't have the right tread design to push snow and ice out of the way.

Tires are your only four points of contact with the road. The more they touch the road, the safer they are. Winter tires make all the difference in colder temperatures and in snowy, icy conditions.


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