We are excited to announce plans for the construction of a new building! Please check this page  in the future to view updated images of the construction progress.

In order to limit the impact of the construction, we will continue to operate from our existing building, so there will be only minor changes to our day-to-day operations. We expect there to be space constraints during some phases of the construction, but we will do our best not to let this effect our ability to continue to provide exceptional service.

On Thursday, November 29th, Portland Volvo Cars, located at 9 U.S. Route 1, in Scarborough, held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the building of a new facility. The new dealership will be state-of-the-art in terms of efficiency, technology, and customer service potential. At the ceremony were owner, Bill Waldron, dealership staff, and representatives of Allied Cook Construction, which will oversee the project.

The new dealership will be built on the same property as the current one, after which the original building will be razed. "Doing it this way, business will go on as usual," said Mr. Waldron, "and although there will be space limitations during some phases of the project, customers shouldn't be impacted too much. Hopefully it will be a seamless transition." Expected completion is late spring 2020.

Construction Update (Dec 7 - Jan 11)

Just a few days after our Groundbreaking Ceremony on December 7th, a construction fence was put up and excavation for the new building began! We felt the ground move and the building shake in the first few days, as the pavement was pulled up, and the light poles in the lot were removed and set aside for later use.
The next phase saw a lot of fill trucked in, and area that will be the footprint of the new building has been worked on ever since. There have only been a few breaks in the action during some of the recent snow storms, but other than that, things are progressing according to schedule.

Construction Update (Jan 12 - Feb 6)

As I'm writing this, its nearly 60 degrees outside, but that hasn't been the case for the past few weeks, as we saw numerous snow storms and at one point temperatures dipping into the single digits. Needless to say, the excavating crew has had to brave the elements, so today was a welcome break from winter. 

When we left off, the crew was working within a much smaller fenced-in area, but that has since expanded closer and closer to the existing building, and its reached quite a ways toward the back of the lot as well. Large holes have been dug along the Northern perimeter and along the back for drainage and other utilities, and the land is beginning to take shape. 

As was the case earlier in the project, we felt the building shake as they broke through and peeled up pieces of pavement, and especially when they hit objects in the ground, such as rocks, and at one point, a large granite slab was pulled up. A lot of fill has been brought in, and is piled up and presumably compacting some of the ground that was previously worked on. 

Construction Update (Feb 7 - March 5)

A lot has been accomplished since our last update almost a month ago. The most notable of these has been the placement of large concrete drainage / sewer components in a trench near the Route 1 side of the property, and the burial of underground conduits for utilities. Some large pieces of heavy equipment have also been brought in on flatbeds to help with this new phase of construction.

Late last week, the first footings were poured as well. The one pictured above is along the western side (back) of the new building. Before long we'll have a good idea of what the footprint of the building will look like. As I write this, construction progress has come to a halt due to several inches of snow falling overnight, but considering its March, it shouldn't stick around too long anyway.

Construction Update (March 6 - March 19)

The weather turned more Spring-like by mid March, and this was met by a flurry of activity, most importantly, a transition from what was mainly an excavation project, to something that more resembles building construction. The blankets came off the footing along the back of the new building, and its been back-filled with stone.

Many more footings have been poured since our last update, and we can now discern details such as where the service drive will be located, and some of the side walls. More utility work has also been done, and pipes for floor drains have been added in a few places. The photo above shows what will be a 3-bay service drive area. Visitors during the last month probably noticed that the construction fence was moved further north to allow work on this area.

Although the days have been warmer, the nights are still quite cold, and a machine called the "Heat King" has been seen, along with its grid of coils, that warm the ground, presumably over an area that will soon be dug up for another footing.

Construction Update (March 20 - April 5)

The weather has been wonderful of late, and since our last update, we've seen things taking shape nicely. The construction fence has moved even closer to the old building, and has also been extended almost to the street to allow for the underground drainage and sewer pipes to be put in the ground. 

The first step was the removal of the old pavement (see the pile in the background), and since then, significant work has been done installing large concrete sewer components. 

Since our last update, almost all of the forms have been poured, and we really do have a sense of what the footprint of the entire building will be, instead of only parts of it. Outlines of the shop, car wash, service drive, and showroom are all visible now. 

We can also see the driveway for the new building taking shape, since they've been carving this out as well. Above is a picture of what will become the main entrance to the new dealership.

Time Elapse Video (Dec 26 - April 30)

Construction Update (April 6 - May 9)

Since our last update, not much was changing until April 26th, when a crane arrived, followed by a few flatbeds of materials, and by Monday morning, steel was being erected. It was the most visible transformation yet!

The first pieces to be put in place were in the back of the building, in what will become the new workshop area, and this gradually moved forward to include the service drive, parts storage area, and finally the showroom and front of the building. Initially, just the large structural beams which support the walls and roof were installed, but shorter, connecting I-beams and roof trusses have since been added in the same fashion, from back to front.

At first these pieces were bolted in place, but have since been welded, and the welding continues as I write this, as does the construction of some of the upper frame pieces and roof sections of the southern end of the showroom. Its been amazing to watch it come together. For such a large scale project, dealing with very heavy equipment and materials, the work has been done by only a handful of individuals, who display fantastic teamwork. They all know their jobs instinctively and look out for each other along the way.

Construction Update (May 10 - June 6)

The new building is really beginning to take shape since our last update, almost a month ago. The primary changes have been the addition of several horizontal beams connecting the upright steel, and steel roofing that nearly covers the entire structure. Visibly, it is quite the transformation because its so much darker underneath. In the photograph below, you'll also see evidence of the extensive welding work that's been done since our last update.

Where previously, we could only tell from the cutouts in the concrete, there are now very well defined openings for doors, including the bay doors that will service the new shop area, and also the service drive. A cinder block wall has been built about a quarter of the way up around the shop area, and since Tuesday, trenches have started to be dug out in the showroom area for electrical and data conduits.

Besides work on the building, another area is seeing some development. On the South Portland side of the property, what used to be a drainage gully, is being leveled off. Two gigantic cement basins were put in the ground, and large corrugated plastic pipes were installed to connect from the drainage pipes under Rt. 1, between each basin, and then under the existing driveway. The sand in the picture above has already been pushed in place resulting in quite a different look than what anyone familiar with the property was used to. 

Construction Update (June 7 - August 15)

It's unbelievable how quickly things have come together over the last few weeks! The most notable is the roof structure. Three areas of pitched roof have been constructed, and layered with wood, and lots of insulated panels have been brought in for the flat sections of roof as well. While this was taking place, work is also being done on the inside, where electrical and data conduits were marked out on the ground, and floors were poured in both the showroom and service drive areas! 

In the area that will become the shop, in-ground lifts are being installed, which is a massive job that's involved digging two 14-foot deep trenches, and the use of telephone pole-sized beams to support the lift cassettes as they were lowered in place to exacting tolerances. When complete, they'll be flush with the tile floor. Imagine getting that measurement right without having an existing floor to reference. Considering the size of the undertaking, the lift installation has only taken about 3 weeks, and its almost finished.

The next phase in that area will be pouring the floor. Work is being done on the outside as well. In recent days, two trenches have been dug - one for electrical that heads south across the parking lot, and another for telecommunications, that heads almost due east, to a pole on Route 1. These will contain conduits for their respective cables. As I look out the window this morning, they are fitting tarps around the exterior of the building, which will keep the inside dry enough to continue working, before the exterior panels arrive. 

Construction Update (October 1 - March 11)

As we moved into the winter months, work began to be focused on the inside of the building. This is when things really began to take shape! Interior walls defined where showroom offices would go, as well as features such as the parts retail and technician walk-up areas, and rooms to facilitate oil storage, electrical, and water services, and more. 

In late December, installation began on the tile floor in the Service Drive, then continued throughout the Shop. This process took several weeks to complete, but the finished product is spectacular. The tile is a medium gray, and the lines that separate them really show off the pitch of the floor, which tapers to a drain in the center. Just last week, installation began on the tile floor in the showroom, which is yet to be completed. 

The showroom tiles are similar in color, but much larger than the ones in the service department. For most of the winter, the building was wrapped in tarps to keep the heat in, and it was only a month ago that exterior panels and glass began to be installed, and these tarps were removed one by one to expose a finished exterior. 

February also saw the installation of a mezzanine and tire carousel in the Parts Department. The mezzanine adds a second story to the parts area, for additional storage, while the carousel provides storage and easy access to tires. Last week was also the first time the building was electrified, switching from sharing power from the old building, to having its own service. As the electrical service is finished, we are able to see for the first time what parts of the building will look like with its own lighting, instead of construction lights, (which are still prominent in a few places).

As I'm writing this, Burr Sign is here, installing the first of several outdoor signs. Such visible signs of progress can only mean that the project is nearing completion.    


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