Aiming for zero

Vision 2020 is about reducing the number of people that die or are seriously injured in road traffic accidents to zero. Protecting and caring for people is at the heart of Volvo Cars' philosophy and this is our commitment to saving lives.

"Our vision is that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car."

Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO, Volvo Cars

Every time a serious accident involving a Volvo occurs within a 60 mile radius of Göteborg, Sweden, the Traffic Accident Research Team is alerted via the official emergency switchboard - day or night.  

Technology that saves lives

Volvo Cars has invented some of the most important innovations in the history of car safety - including the three-point safety belt - saving over a million lives in the process. And there's more to come. "Our cars are packed with advanced features that will help us achieve Vision 2020."

Knowledge is the key

By continually learning and innovating, Volvo Cars aims to put an end to fatalities and severe injuries on the roads. Their methods are unique and far-reaching, combining exhaustive research, computer simulations and thousands of crash tests with data from real-life collisions, making Volvo Cars world leaders in safety. 

Building the safest cars in the world, is not enough to realize Vision 2020, though - the company collaborates to help plan the safe roads and traffic infrastructure that will also save lives. 

By working with the Swedish Transport Administration, in their home country, Volvo has created a model for global cooperation between car manufacturers and the transport authorities.