How we determine your offer

Getting your car appraised at Portland Volvo Cars is easy. You'll receive a complimentary written offer that is good for 7 days. No pressure. No need to buy here. When we see it, we'll buy it - and you leave with a check!



Current Market Conditions
Recent sales trends, including online and auction data give us a starting point to consider when determining a value. It also provides added assurance that we're making a fair offer for your vehicle.

Our Inspection Process
We'll examine your car's condition both inside and out. Minor imperfections usually don't impact our offers, but major defects, such as body, frame, or water damage can.

Test Drive
Just like how you would expect to test drive a vehicle that you're considering for purchase, we'll test drive your car as well, to make sure things like the brakes, turn signals, and other components are working properly. If repairs are needed, we may have to adjust the offer accordingly. 

Vehicle History Report
A vehicle history report is your car's record of maintenance and accident damage, among other things. Just as you would expect to receive a vehicle history report when purchasing a used car, we will check it out to make sure everything is in order.

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